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I specialize in vacationing at Silver Sands on the island of Jamaica.  I have been taking groups to Silver Sands most every year since 1974 over 45 years ago. I invite you to join our group which usually takes a seven night trip during February.  This trip can normally be expanded to 10 or 14 nights as long as there is 10 or more in each group. I will work with you on choosing a villa, reviewing the menu, stocking some beverages and working on trips for the week.

Jamaica is one of the largest Caribbean Islands. Tourism is considered the number one industry. Kingston, the capital, is located in the Southeast part of the island while Montego Bay and Ochos Rios are on the North coast. The North coast is the area that receives the most tourists in the country. Duncans (Silver Sands) is located on the beach midway between Montego Bay and Ochos Rios. A pleasant 76-89 degrees in February, you can expect lots of sun that can be extremely strong but with a nice breeze or an occasional shower to cool things off. You can also expect some good buys on wood and straw crafts after some lively bargaining with the local Jamaicans!

While in Jamaica you will see beautiful ocean views, enjoy tropical fruit and vegetables and be intrigued by unusual animals. Silver Sands is truly a restful vacation unlike any other in the Caribbean:  warm weather, a relaxing atmosphere, very casual, a private villa and options for side trips.

If you are interested in joining us for the group trip in February, please contact me ASAP as both air tickets and villas get booked quickly.  Although you normally fill your own villa there are times occasionally we may have a villa for you to share with others.

If you plan to visit Silver Sands on your own on a different date please contact me concerning villa options and information on driver / transportation options.  There is no charge for this.  I can also give you information on having a destination wedding at Silver Sands. My email is dwjer@comcast.net.

Dean W. Jerome