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We missed going to Jamaica this past week.  It was the first time in 45 years that the trip was postponed. I feel that everyone will be able to get vaccinated by summer and the 2022 trip will go back to normal. The 2022 will start on  February 12, 2022. All credits including cancellation fees from 2021 will be applied against the June payment toward the trip...

The 2022 trip will be scheduled for February 12 to February 19 for the basic 7 night trip.  10 nights return on Tuesday the 22nd and two weeks return on Saturday the 26th.  Jesuis Content Villa will stay for 3 weeks and will arrive on Saturday June 5. I am also taking villa deposits for 2023... After 2023 I will not be organizing the trip anymore however I will set up a program whereby for a fee you will be able to get all of my discounts available as well as the the contact numbers. I may also elect to book a villa for my extended family in the future and would be able to add some additional villas at that time.

As of today, Jamaica has similar statistics as the US and world however the majority of cases and deaths have been in Kingston.  To enter the country you will need to fill out a visitor application and be tested negative (with proof) prior to boarding the airplane. The island hopes to be getting the vaccine starting in February.  I strongly recommend that all going on the trip get vaccinated.  There is a chance that a year from now some of the restrictions will be lifted.

For 2022 we have the following 10 villas reserved:  Azure Cove - 10 nights, Pineapple Villa and Cottage - 10 nights., Santa Margarita - 2 weeks, Je Suis Content - 3 weeks, Worthy View - 2 weeks, Tumac - 10 nights and 7 nights for , Blue Vista, Honey Comb and Primrose Path. We have a confirmed total of 71 persons which includes 7 children. . I expect to have 10 - 12 villas for next year and 75 to 85 persons.  Currently I will have group rates for the 7 and  10 day packages. .

Worthy View has been booked for 2023 for two weeks.  . .

Available space:  Most villas are full or they are working on filling the villas, this includes Primerose Path, Worhty View and Santa Margarieta. .  Currently the only open bedrooms are in Pats Villa Jesuis Content and my Villa Azure Cove. 

There are several villas still available for booking for 7 and 10 nights.

Popular Villas                                  Exceptional villas

Kamarr - 3                                       Moonshine - 8 Discounted

Hang Time - 3                                  Dukes - 6

Wine Down - 4    Sea Spray - 3       Mi Amor - 10

Sweet Escape - 4                            Clearview - 10 Has its own website

Villa Marina - 3 and Oh Boy - 4       Lillkoi

Casuarina (2)                                  Royal Vista

Buena Vista                                    Skylarking (needs t be discounted)

Now is the time to book the villa with your villa deposit.  $100 per person for 7 nights, $150 per person for 10 nights and $200 per person or two weeks.

I have added a new feature to the Jamaican website.  As you sign on go to the top right hand tab and you will see a sub website belonging to my Ocean City 4 bedroom 3 bath condo which is for rent.  I plan on renting on my own starting next year and only rent 3 to 6 weeks summer weeks and one week monthly during the spring and fall so that my family can use it more often.  Check out the many pictures on the website. .Everyone dealing direct will get a discount of 15% off of the base price of the rental on summer rates, off season rates are already discounted.. Two summer 2021 weeks are already booked.  There are a few discounted midweek specials this spring still available.

Dean Jerome

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