Dean’s Blog, Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Good Day,

We are less than two weeks away from our trip. Our final count for Jamaica is currently at 90 persons which includes George's three children who will be at JC villa the week prior to our arrival.

All group air tickets have been purchased and your confirmation numbers sent to you. Don't forget to go into SW website to check in on Friday 2/7/20 at 12:25 PM to get your boarding code.  8:35 am if you purchased the early flight on your own.I assume all villas are covered for calling in.  I will handle Azure Cove, 4 persons, Dean, Lynn, Barb and Kathy.  Does anyone need help on this issue?  Will everyone be able to check in on line when departing Jamaica?

We have a last minute change in villas as Salt Ash has not completed its landscaping project, more than 30 days behind.  Those 6 persons (Cosgrove group) will move to Day O for the 10 days. Also Tom is bringing his son Michael in place of Ricki. .

Please update your profile with your Southwest FF number. Stating next year I will be able to add them when I get book your ticket.  For 2020 if you did not update your profile or email me by 1/29/20 you can try and add your FF#at the airport when you check in. I have added the security TT numbers to the 8 Homey Comb passengers.   

All trips and beverages have been finalized except for Tom and Michael.  Please check the website to confirm that the trips and beverages are correct.  All beverage orders have been sent to Chen's.

All morning trips to Chen's have been filled.  The 3 villas that I did not hear from have been placed on 2nd trip Tuesday morning at 8:45 am.  Honey Comb and Oh Boy have confirmed but have not heard back from Santa Margarieta.

Three changes starting in 2020:

1.  No lobster to be supplied by me.  It is to hard to get and way overpriced.  I can send Nish to you and you can place your order from him for trapped or speared lobster.  Currently price is around $10 US. I try and pay around $8  Also, I have a contact for fresh fish, my cook's son. I may be able to get some delivered (Tuna, Red Snapper and other large fish) and you may be able to get some delivered to your villa for the extended three nights.  The cost is around $10.00 per pound and you would be available..   I will be looking for fish for Azure Cove and Santa Margarita.  Are you interested  in any for during the week or the extra time past 7 nights.

2.  Similar to last year the van will not be taking the staff home at night any more.  The drivers do not want to do that any more.  I will be adding a few dollars to their taxi pay but it is not enough to cover their transportation home.  Normally the staff find their own way home.

3.  With regret I have decided not to have a summer crab party any more.  The issue is the weather and uncertainty of having it at the time and date we pick.  It has threatened rain for the last 4 years and it is just to much work and stress to pull it off.

2021 Trip information.  I have already booked Worthy View for 2021.  This villa increased its rates by over 25% last year however locked us in at the older rate for both 2020 and 2021.  It then increases.  The following villas are on hold for next year: Santa Margarieta, Honey Comb, Azure Cove, Pineapple Villa and Cottage, all confirmed.  I am waiting on JeSuis Content for confirmation.  Sherm and LInda, please confirm that I should go and book Pineapple and the cottage.

I have reviewed all villa rates for this year and have seen most new villas coming in at aggressive price increases. Several villas have increased their rates for this year by $200 to $1000 per week. I paid 2017/2018 prices for 2019/2020 trip. This will definitely effect the land price for 2021. Anticipate the villa portion of the land price to go up around $50. I will review the other expenses on the trip but I should be able to hold them without increase due to the elimination of lobster and the crab party even through taxi reimbursement has doubled.   The extended trip for 3 and 7 nights will may not be effected.  More details to follow as I review the 2020 trip when we return.

If you want me to reserve a villa for 2021 please let me know ASAP and confirm the number of nights.   Next year's trip will start on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2021.. Other villas that are booked through MySilverSands cannot be booked without a non refundable villa deposit.  These include Tumac, Primrose Path, Sea Dance, Skylarking ect.

I am home until we go to Jamaica. . . 


 Dean Jerome

Cell: 717-659-3847

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