Dean’s Blog, Thursday, February 20, 2020

Good Day,

We had a successful Jamaica trip.  The group from the 7 and 10 nights trips are back and the two week group return this Saturday.  We had sun and nice breezy weather for all 10 nights with no rain.  No issues and no problems. It was our second largest group ever and largest in past 35 years with 90 persons and 13 villas..

Please update your profile with your Southwest FF number. Stating next year I will be able to add them when I get book your ticket. If you did not give me your FF number you can call in and add it to your account by using your confirmation number.  You may be able to add in the 2019 trip while you are at it.  I do have those confirmation numbers on file. I can also add your security TT numbers to next years booking if you put the number on your profile.    

Three changes starting in 2020 and one contract change for 2021.:

1.  No lobster to be supplied by me.  It is to hard to get and way overpriced. $8 to $10 per pound.

2.  Similar to last year the van will not be taking the staff home at night any more.  The drivers do not want to do that any more. 

3.  With regret I have decided not to have a summer crab party any more.  The issue is the weather and uncertainty of having it at the time and date we pick.  It has threatened rain for the last 4 years and it is just to much work and stress to pull it off.

4.  Cooks overtime pay and taxi fare home has been increased by 33%, increased from $23 to $31 for both for all 30 employees 2020 trip or a total payout of $923.

5.  I will be sending a questionnaire out prior to month end to get your opinion on:

Early flight vs late flight going and coming home, fried fish dinner, food overall, the last night party and likes and dislikes of the trip.

2021 Trip information. 

Dates:   2/6 - 2/13  7 nights      2/6-2/16 10 nights     2/6 - 2/20 2 week trip.

Many villas have up their rates.  The villa budget for 2021 will go up $50 per person.

The following villas have been booked:

Worthy View -  Clark and Shearer   2 weeks  Also booked for 2022.

Santa Margarieta - Beck and Kershner  10 nighs

Honey Comb - Livelsburger and Koller pending 7 nights

Azure Cove - Jerome, I have several rooms open at this time.

Pineapple Villa and Cottage - 10 nights

JeSuis Content - Waiting for confirmation 2021 and 2022.  Fleagle and Callahan.

Tumac - Kling and Fuhrman 10 nights.

 If you want me to reserve a villa for 2021 please let me know ASAP and confirm the number of nights.   I need a non refundable deposit of $100 per person for 7 night trip, $150 per person for 10 night trip and $200 per person for 2 week trip.  If the villa is not full, I need 20% of the villa for the deposit and this needs to be paid by someone. Other villas that are booked through MySilverSands cannot be booked without a non refundable villa deposit.  These include Tumac, Primrose Path, Sea Dance, Skylarking ect.

I am home for the next 6 weeks except for the last weekend in Feb as we go to a wedding in Mississippi. and we will be in Ocean City mid March for a week.

Dean Jerome

Cell: 717-659-3847

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