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Good Day,

It appears that airlines will be flying internationally by mid June.  Southwest has one flight currently scheduled each day starting in early June.  We have an estimated 50 persons for the trip however I am waiting on deposits and contracts for 2 persons for my villa as well as Keith and Elaine Jacobs who will be added to Tumac to fill that villa. We also have added Dirk Slack who replace Deb and Tom Corse in Pineapple Villa.  I still need information on who will be filling the open bedroom in Worthy View and Santa Margarieta as well as the two bedrooms in Jesuis Content. We should end up with around 70 persons and 10 villas.

Please update your profile with the number of trips that you have been on as well as your villa name and how long you are going for.  If you are new to the trip please create a new profile or add it to someone's current profile. New for 2021, please add your Southwest FF number and I security TT numbers because stating next year I will be able to add them when I get book your ticket.     

Trip deposits are now due by June 15th.  $550 per person without air and $650 per person with air.  You can subtract your villa deposit if you wish.  The estimated airfare will be $550 per person.  If it is more you will be billed in November.  If less and you pay in full you will get a credit. 

Virus update for Jamaica.  As of the end of April there were 473 cases in Jamaica with 9 deaths  As of May 15 there are 520 cases and corrected to 8 deaths. As of May 27 there were only 567 cases and 8 deaths. Jamaica has an average far less than most countries and a death rate of under 2% vs. 6.6% in the world.

    Just a reminder, there will not be a summer crab party any more.  I had made the decision prior to the virus situation.  The issue has been weather and uncertainty of having it at the time and date we pick.  It has threatened rain for the last 4 years and it is just to much work and stress to pull it off.

A recap of the questionnaire:  Most people are willing to pay more to take the early flight to Jamaica vs the later flight and would pay more.  Most people but not as many would pay more for an early flight to get home.   The fried fish and chip dinner was successful will all villas but one liking that meal. Most of the people enjoyed the last night party but had suggestions for changes.

2021 Jamaica trip

Dates:   2/6 - 2/13  7 nights      2/6-2/16 10 nights     2/6 - 2/20 2 week trip.

The following villas have been booked:

Worthy View -  Clark and Shearer   2 weeks  Also booked for 2022. Villa full. Waiting on name and deposit for one couple.

Santa Margarieta - Beck and Kershner  10 nights  Villa will be full.  Waiting on final names and deposits.

Honey Comb - Livelsburger and Koller pending 7 nights  I bed open.

Azure Cove - Jerome,  currently have at two bedrooms and one bed open at this time. 10 nights.  Waiting on a villa deposit for one rooms.  After that we have room for 5 persons.

Pineapple Villa and Cottage - 10 nights  Fully booked.

JeSuis Content - Booked for two weeks. Fleagle and Callahan. 4 or more booked. Need villa deposit for 2022.

Tumac - Kling, Fuhrman, Jacobs and McMilllan.  10 nights. Need to know Mike's guest.

There are many very nice villas available at this time: They include, Primrose Path, Sea Dance, Skylarking, Sweet Dreams, Royal Palms and one very nice large new one. Also, Hang Time, Blue Vista, Villa Marina, Oh Boy and Sweet Escape.

We will finally got to Ocean City on Friday. We will be staying between 4 weeks however I plan to return after two weeks to bring Lynn's dad home to York and then I will return to be with Lynn. Anyone interested in renting my 4 bedroom 3 bath condo on the bay downtown please contact me.  I only have two weeks left, both June weeks, 6/20 and 6/27. By renting direct I will discount 20% and waive the sales tax on these two weeks.

Something new this website.  Check the opening page on the top tabs.  On the far right there is now a page for Ocean City.  There is a chance that I may loose my renting agent in Oc nextyear  and I am preparing to rent on my own 2 to 6 weeks per summer on my own giving a large discount for booking direct.The section of this web site  has been updated as of today.

Dean Jerome

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