Dean’s Blog, Saturday, October 17, 2020

Good Day,

The 2021 trip has been postponed till February 12, 2022.  Due to concerns over Covert19 as well as the new immigration policy Jamaica implemented for the virus and concerns over empty villas and surcharges all villas cancelled.

We were very fortunate on getting refunds. Five villas offered full refunds while three villas used the 2021 deposits against 2022 rentals  Southwest had a $50 non refundable deposit on 33 tickets for the 10 night trip.  Due to Covid19 they gave me a credit against the 2022 trip.  Not for the deposit but for the final balance. I will apply the $50 credit against everyone who returns for the 2022 trip. Those who did not have group tickets will have to work with SW to get an air credit.  Not sure when it will expire, either one year from purchase or could be two years from purchase due to COVID19..

I am working on sending out refunds, hopefully on Monday, October 19. In all cases, those who were on group air will have $50 deducted from the refund.  Those requesting villa refunds will also get their villa deposit back.

The 2022 trip will be scheduled for February 12 to February 19 for the basic 7 night trip.  10 nights return on Tuesday the 22nd and two weeks return on Saturday the 26th.  For your information I will continue to run trips in 2022 and 2023 as long as they are profitable and no stress.. After 2023 I will not be organizing the trip anymore however I will set up a program whereby for a fee you will be able to get all of my discounts available as well as the the contact numbers. 

For 2022 we gave the following villas reserved:  Azure Cove, Pineapple Villa and Cottage, Santa Margarita, Je Suis Content, Worthy View, 6 villas.  As of today I do not have confirmations for Tumac and Honey Comb.

Azure Cove:   Dean and Lynn, Pickets and Joanne.

Pineaple Villa and Cottage - I have requested the deposit back and I asked for her to pencil in the 2022 reservation.

Sherm    and Erica Kept $300 for 2022  By keeping this deposit you are holding a room for 2022.

Dirk, Claude  and Harry: Same      

Dale and Dennis:   Same

7 confirmed and adding Tom and Debby for 8 of 9 rooms. Single room open.

Ruth and Linda   and Mike and Rita Returning deposit

 Tumac:    Terry:  Hold deposit. Chuck and Keith  and Michael not confirmed. 

Santa Margarita:  Cliff and Kershners, Waiting on confirmation of two week booking.  

Cliff  $600  to go against 2022 booking.

Kersher $300 to go against 2022 booking.

Jesuis Content - There was $3300 paid to hold the villa and it was noon refundable.  The deposits from Pat, George and Annette will be held to secure this deposit.

Worthy View - 2021 deposit has been returned.  They are holding a deposit for 2022.

Honey Comb - 2021 deposit has been returned.  No reservation pending for 2022.

Pineapple Villa and Cottage, Azure Cove pending.

Tumac, nothing pending.

I have added a new feature to the Jamaican website.  As you sign on go to the top right hand tab and you will see a sub website belonging to my Ocean City 4 bedroom 3 bath condo which is for rent.  I plan on renting on my own starting next year and only rent 3 to 6 weeks summer weeks and one week monthly during the spring and fall so that my family can use it more often. For 2020 we currently have some October dates open while November is wide open. Check out the many pictures on the website. .Everyone dealing direct will get a discount of 15% off of the base price of the rental on summer rates, off season rates are already discounted.. Two summer 2021 weeks are already booked.

Dean Jerome

Cell: 717-659-3847

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