General Trip Information

I've put together the following information to help you to prepare for your trip and give you an idea of what to expect. 

VILLAS – 2-7 bedroom villas that generally sleep 4-14 persons with usually one bathroom per room. There could be a surcharge for the following issues: rent through My Silver Sands vs a direct rental, location of villa, quality of villa and if you do not fill your villa with two persons per room. Each villa that we normally use has its own private pool or is close to the beach. Each villa has a staff of at least two persons: a cook who prepares your meals and a housekeeper who cleans the villa and does your wash daily. In some of the larger villas there could be extra staff to help with the cleaning, cooking or serving drinks.  All villas normally have a person who comes by to handle the grounds or clean the pool, these staff people normally handle several villas.

TIPPING -- Please review the separate  tipping section found on the website.  Tipping is not included and be prepared to tip the following persons.

Cook, housekeeper, other villa staff.

Driver of our van or bus for trips.

Transfer bus driver and any persons handling luggage.

In all an indivigual should expect to tip between $70 and $85 per person for the 7 night trip. Please see "The Guid to Tipping" section

UTILITIES – The water is safe to drink. The electrical current is the same as in the U.S. Most villas are equipped with phones, TV’s, cable, AC, DVDs and ceiling fans. Many villas have added internet. Because Silver Sands is located in a rural area, your villa might have reduced water pressure and reduced hot water at certain times. Please review the water pump directions, hot water switch, as well as the supply of flashlights and candles with your cook upon arrival.

MEALS – There are two meals daily at 10:15 AM and 5:00 PM. The morning meal consists of an assortment of the following or similar dishes: fresh fruit salad, freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs, bacon, French toast / pancakes and one Jamaican dish called ackee. The evening dish might be chicken, fish or pork, ground beef or some lobster when available. Also local vegetables, rice or potatoes, salad, bread and a dessert are usually provided.

FOOD SUPPLIES – All supplies are purchased through Chen’s store (Michael Chen) by myself. Deliveries will be made directly to your villa. Your cook is responsible for assisting you in ordering all of the food. There are times that certain items can run short (butter, milk, oranges and coffee for example). You may pick up these items yourself while in Duncan’s or at the local store in Silver Sands. You can also pick up fresh fish and lobster from local fishermen around Silver Sands or at the fisherman’s beach located within walking distance. However, you will not be reimbursed for any purchases made by you. Please work carefully with your cook on food supplies. Each villa is expected to have one guest work with the staff to make sure that there is no issue with the menu or food supplies. Check out the sample menu and the cook's instructions. Some food may be picked up or transferred to other villas at the end of your stay. Snacks are available at Chen's as well as the commissary on property.

BEVERAGES – A 3 bedroom villa (6 persons) will be stocked with 3 cases of beverages (beer, soda, tonic) as well as your choice of 3 bottles of liquor (rum, gin, vodka, Tia Maria). This initial supply is included in the package and will be adjusted according to the number of persons in the villa. All additional beverages are at your expense and can be purchased at Chen's in town or at the commissary in Silver Sands.

TRANSPORTATION – Round trip transportation is provided from the airport to Silver Sands. We will also have at least one or two additional vehicles for day trips (12 passenger van or 25 passenger bus). Trips may include visiting Duncans, Ochos Rios, Falmouth, craft markets, duty free shops, pottery, local bars and rafting. There are typically both morning (Duncans) and afternoon trips. Many trips are at no charge and the bus runs on time. The bus is not available for extended trips lasting longer than 7 nights. You may hire a Taxi (if available) to go play golf, fish and do other activities. When visiting Silver Sands on your own, a driver is available for approximatly $20-$25 per hour.  During a week at Silver Sands, you can hire a driver and you can do extensive touring for approximatly $500 for the week, which is less than it would cost to rent a car.  It is considered a risk to drive in Jamaica.