EXCURSIONS AND ACTIVITIES - Please review options for 2020, you may sign up starting September 1.  Please compete signup by November 1.   Some of the trips currently do not have a day for scheduling. Check out this section for possible new trips.

You can sign up for the trips that will be offered for the upcoming 2020 trip by signing up through the web site. When you sign up through the website, I will get an email telling me what trips you would like to go on. Trips, times and days can change depending on availability and costs.  The times for trips usually stay consistent (starting at 11:30 am) although the days can change depending on the number of persons who have signed up and what vehicles are needed.  We currently have one 29 passenger bus for our use. We may be adding a 15 passenger van if needed for additional trips. When we have the extra vans we may be able to do the following: Allow villas to have a van for their own use for a charge of $100 with driver or if enough people are interested we may be able to offer a van for golf and fishing at a surcharge of $10 to $20 per person. Kenroy Brown our driver has been our driver for 28 years. His son Tony also drives. .  When we have two vehicles, they both may drive and nephew Miguel will also drive.

..Some trips require advance deposit. This prepaid fee is to reserve a seat on the bus for each individual trip and will cover the additional gasoline and labor for each trip. Those trips that are prepaid are nonrefundable unless cancelled. These trips will be marked on the signup page as a prepay trip. Please tip the drivers at the end of the week, roughly $5 to $10 depending how often you used them. 

Ochos Rios (Falls included)—$25.00 U.S. per person to climb the falls, $20.00 if you don’t climb. Children $20.00. Cost includes entrance fee ($20.00 for adults) and tip. You will no longer pay in advance, you must pay at the falls.  A small resort town, 1 hour away with a straw market and duty free shopping.  Monday  or Tuesday 11:30 AM - 5 PM.  Time for shopping followed by 1-1/2 hours at Dunn’s River Falls for climbing, watching and photos. This is a must for the first time visitor. Bring sneakers or rent water shoes for climbing.  You will get wet and you can change at the falls.  I need at least 10 persons between the two Ochos Rios trips to schedule this trip.

Ochos Rios (No falls)--No charge.  Mon. or Tuesday 11:30 AM – 5 PM.  Visit Ochos Rios for up to 3 hours of shopping (Straw market and duty free stores).  This trip is flexible. Margaritaville is a good place to visit where there could be a small entrance fee ($5). You go on the same bus as the falls but skip the falls and stay longer in town to shop.  I need at least 10 persons between the two Ochos Rios trips to schedule this trip. For the past few years both Ochos Rios trips have been combined into one trip.

Konoko Falls and gardens - $20 to get into the Park.  1 hour plus tour of the botanical gardens follows by a bird and animal area and then a view of the falls from the top and a view from the bottom. Yes you can climb the falls, add one hour.  4 hour tour and we can see if the bus can take you down from the top to the bottom of the falls for pictures.

Pottery – No charge. Wednesday, 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM.  A visit to a local pottery, operated by a world known artist, David Pinto. The pottery is a good quality and rough in appearance. Only 30 minutes away. Countryside trip, bring cash no cc,, inventory varies. You can check it out at: www.jamaicaclay.com.  I need at least 6 persons and a smaller vehicle to schedule this trip.

Rafting-- Approximately $70 plus tip per two-person raft. You will pay at the river, cash only. (No day scheduled), 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM. A leisurely 2 hour trip rafting down the Martha Brae River which is 20 minutes away. I need at least 6 persons and a vehicle to schedule this trip.

 Falmouth—No charge.(No day scheduled), 11:30 AM– 3:00 PM. A small historic town 20 minutes away. It has a large grocery store, several tourist shops, local shops and a bakery. This is the location of the new port in northern Jamaica and there will be many new "tourist" areas. There is one afternoon trip scheduled for Thursday or Friday.  I need at least 10 persons and a vehicle to schedule this trip.

Duncan’s--No charge.  Available every morning Monday - Friday. Small town only 5 minutes away with grocery store, bakery and hardware store. Small food gifts to take home are available.  Sign up required for Monday and Tuesday visits, most likely 8:30 and 9:00 times. 

Interior Tour (Discovery Bay to Brownstown) – $10 prepaid per person.. 4 to 5 hour trip along the cost and then inland to Brownstown, a small local town 35 minutes away. Not a tourist town. Large outdoor market and several stores.Lots of scenery to see.  I need at least 6 persons and a vehicle to schedule this trip. No day scheduled.

Zip Line - Horse Back riding - -Chukka Tours can handle all at the Ochos Rios Site just 45 minutes from Silver Sands.  They will pick up and return for no extra charge. The zip line has 8 lines and is very good, lots of walking. Discounts for groups. Half day trip normally miss breakfast or get home just in time for dinner. . http://chukka.com/location/jamaica/ocho-rios/ . Phone 1-877-424-8552.  Normally there has to be a volunteer within the group to help set this up.

Kiki Rouge – No charge.  Tuesday night, 7 PM to 9 PM estimate.  A small local bar off the main road, a group favorite, owned by our bus driver’s wife (Margaret). One or two trips up, several trip back, contact Ken Roy and Pat Callahan for more information.  Due to lack of interest we may cancel this trip.

Pat's Bar Tour - An afternoon of bar hopping ( All local bars - Jamaican money is suggested).  Might start around noon and last till 5 or 6 pm.  You could miss the start of dinner.  Since we have to hire additional transportation this trip costs around a $10 donation to the driver.  This tour is normally on on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon and is very popular.

Massage from Lorna – 1 hour ($60) or ½ hour ($30).  $5.00 off the 1 hour rate if there is 2 pr more in a villa.  Lorna is a masseuse who will visit your villa.  She does a great job and offers other items such as facials, body scrub and reflex ology.  A great way to start your vacation!  I will take a preliminary count prior to the trip. Phone 876-857-8331.  Facials - 1 hour ($60) and manicure / pedicure combo for $40 may be available.  Check the massge listing under trips for more information.

Shops at Rose Hall – 11:30 to 2:30 PM. Luxury shopping at a new shopping center: http://www.rosehall.com/realestate_newdev_shoppes.html. 24 stores with Duty Free and other stores.  Currently not scheduled for 2016. I need 6 or more persons to schedule  this trip. No day scheduled.

Bob Marley’s Grave – $10 prepaid fee per person for this trip; Also $20 admission into his home.  I need at least 6 persons and I must have a small vehicle to operate this trip.  You travel inland through small towns to the home of Bob Marley. Travel though Brownsville. Excellent trip but long, 1.5 hrs each way.  No day scheduled. . I need 6 persons minimum. .

Snorkeling and Fishing-- Locally at Silver Sands. A boat can be rented with a local. Reef 1/2 mile out. Price negotible ($15 per person for 60 plus minutes or so. Gear can usually be rented for $-0- to $15. You may be able to rent equipment at CCV office. Local fisherman will take 2-3 persons on a small boat to fish. Cost approximately $175 to $250 for boat that holds up to 4 persons.  You can keep some of the fish for your cook to prepare with dinner. He will want the fish so cut your deal in advance.

Montego Bay Highlight tour—A trip in and around Montego Bay with at least one stop in the duty free zone.  A stop at Richmond hill for a drink and overlook the city of Montego Bay. 4 hour tour.

Margaritaville – Famous entertainment complex highlighted by their famous bar. Shopping center within complex and watersports may be available. Possible admission fee. Food also served. You can go while in Ochos Rios, no separate tour scheduled in 2014.

Green Grotto Caves - Located 30 minutes east of Silver Sands.  $20 to enter.

Golf and Deep Sea Fishing - Some times golf can be set up, you will need to find a resort to play. T Arrangements can be made for deep sea fishing. .

There could be a transportation charge of $10 to $15 per person to cover the additional transportation for golf.   Deep sea fishing will cost approximately $100 per person and transportation will be provided.  

Jamaica Bird Watching - Guided bird watching excursion with Wendy Lee. Contact her directly at her email:  wendylee.birding@gmail.com for rates and availability. She has a limited website at birdingjamaica.com.  Highly recommended by Chuck Kling.  She does provide transportation.

“My Silver Sands” Office: Contact them at the beach office for the following information or check information on their web site: Horseback riding, internet access, Golf in Jamaica, Mountain to Sea, Bike Adventure, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Fishing and several other items. For 2014 there will be a large group and I may be able to assist small groups who want to deep sea fish or go golfing.  Suggest you have one person in charge and work with me.